{birth story} - Grand Forks ND

Birth. It’s such an emotional roller coaster. You spend 9 months (more or less) growing this sweet tiny human inside of you. Feeling all those wonderful movements; hiccups, kicks, big stretches.

All of a sudden that moment comes. You feel the tightening, your water breaking. You labor through the worst pain imaginable. You are STRONG.


You push through 17 hours of bouncing, breathing, ice chips, contractions, and pure exhaustion. All to reach that moment when its time to deliver your tiny, perfect, human.


YOU did that, mama. You created life! All that pain and grueling labor? Its a brief memory. You can’t even remember how terrible those contractions were.

Because now, you’re looking into your baby’s eyes. Thinking about how their nose is just like yours. They have a head full of hair just like you did when you were born.

Those gorgeous cheeks and ten tiny toes are so perfect, you can’t hold back the tears. And you are so thrilled to be able to look back on these moments, because this experience was unique only to you and your sweet baby.


Birth photography is truly a once in a lifetime experience. It brings back such a flood of emotions whenever you look back on those images, because those are moments you can’t recreate <3

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